ESPN Best Web Video

That’s Fine documents the antics and exploits of the infamous Voleurz Family, which is comprised of skiers, snowboarders and skateboarders, making the multi-sport offering one of the most well-rounded and diverse films in the action sports world. Highlights include snowboarder Justin VDP slaying pillow lines in the Whistler backcountry, freeskier KC Deane’s jaw-dropping big mountain segment, a raucous urban trip to Ontario with Scott Sych & Matt Brindisi, the unique style of one of skiing’s most imaginative individuals, Max Hill (along with the highly entertaining return of Max Hill vs The Intern), skateboarding the streets of Vancouver with Tyler Holm, and of course, the hilarious and not-to-be-missed Winter Volympics.

Director & Producer - Darren Rayner
Principal Cinematography - Mason Mashon
Editor - Scott Tolan
Design - Bruce Giovando
Token Englishman - Callum Jelley



  • Andrew Jackson Snowboard
  • Barry Hartman Snowboard
  • Billy Mitchell Skate
  • Braden Dean Snowboard
  • Jake Black Snowboard
  • Bruce Giovando Design
  • Callum Jelley Bike / Film / Photo
  • Cam Schuster Skate / Ski
  • Colby James West Character / Ski
  • Corey Klim Skate
  • Darren Rayner Film
  • Harvey Li Design
  • Jan Schuster Skate
  • Jeff Boake Ski
  • Joe Schuster Ski
  • Jordan Gibson-Fraser Snowboard
  • Josh Bibby Ski
  • Josh Stack Ski
  • Justin Dorey Ski
  • Justin VDP Snowboard
  • KC Deane Ski
  • Mason Mashon Bike / Film / Photo
  • Matt Margetts Ski
  • Max Hill Ski
  • Mike Riddle Ski
  • Peter Olenick Ski
  • Reed Speedman Character
  • Riley Leboe Ski
  • Roz Groenewoud Ski
  • Scott Sych Snowboard
  • Scott Tolan Film / Music
  • Shayne Zwickel Snowboard
  • The Intern Character
  • TJ Schiller Ski
  • Tyler Holm Skate
  • Warren Williams Snowboard